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 Stainless Steel Money Clip

Elevate your look with this stainless steel money clip. The money clip with its carbon fiber design will pair easily with various color schemes. The enduring hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant stainless steel is a popular choice for both formal and casual looks.

• Carbion fiber inlay design
• Hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant
• Measurements: T x W = 2″ x 1″in

You know you need this

You may undermine the value of money clips but they are truly classic and worth paying for. With Brandzilla, the big benefit is that we let you keep your money safe without paying too much for the item that will help you do so: the money clip.

Stainless Steel Money Clip is a classic item that is absolutely worth holding on. No matter, how futuristic the world’s becoming, we recommend that you, the definition of the urbane, cosmopolitan man, keep a money clip handy to keep your money and cards safe.

It might seem like a souvenir from yesteryear but it’s definitely worth holding on to. In fact, we designed it to help you be more proactive about keeping all of your money together as you are more likely to lose cash if you just keep in your pockets anywhere. Heck, even wallets get stolen but we are here to help you find peace and still keep your cash safe and all of your cards together.

It’s so sleek that it fits right inside your jacket or trouser pocket and you won’t need to carry a huge or bulky wallet either.

Brandzilla has everything you ever wanted

At Brandzilla, we design and manufacture jewelry keeping your convenience and style quotient in mind. Over the years, with numerous hits and misses, we have to come to believe that convenience triumphs the aesthetics. So, we have learnt to build the aesthetics around convenience.

You will find a wide range of stainless steel jewelry with our shop online. We make it easy for you get everything you ever wanted home-delivered. You can just make the payment online quickly with your paypal account.

Our designers have created truly marvelous jewelry that’s built to last with least maintenance. So, drop the worries and inhibitions and shop till you drop.