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Black Leather Men’s Bracelet

A simple and easy go-to piece, this black cord bracelet can complement a variety of different outfits. Featuring a basket weave black cord design, and a magnetic clasp, this bracelet pairs well with a watch or other wrist accessories. Lightweight and durable, this is easy to wear all day and won’t break the bank.
• Black cord and Stainless Steel clasp
• Magnetic clasp
• Measurements: T x W = 6.1×6.1mm; L=8.5in

 Black Leather Men’s Bracelet

Traditionally, men don’t accessorize much. But we like to rebel against the norms and this is why we have a wide range of men’s jewelry for every occasion.

From minimal to sophisticated weaved designs, we have everything that you are looking for. We design for the cosmopolitan man, who lives large and believes in finesse and style.

Our designs are simple and easy to go with. They can be worn to office, parties or social and family dinners and corporate gatherings. We ensure that you receive the best deal with our well crafted special designs and look divine every minute.

You may not care about syncing the colors and style so much but we do. We know what goes together, what elements bring out the style and what elements add to the rugged handsomeness.
We make designs that look good on you, designs that add depth and sleekness to your neat outfits and that bring out the man inside of you.

Our men’s collection has magnificent Black Leather Men’s Bracelet variations with other accessories that go well with suits and casual wear. You can wear these bracelets with a watch as well.
If you are keen on getting a gift for your special one, these bracelets may just be the dealmaker you are looking for.

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