Flaunt your Star Trek connection

Even after decades of the original Star Trek series airing, people are madly in love with Spock, Kirk, Uhura, and all the amazing characters that brought Star Trek to life.

While you don’t need a tattoo on your forearm or a tramp stamp to declare your love, it would really add to your personality if you showed some love for this classic series. And, we have just the sophisticated symbol that you need to embrace your love for Kirk, Spock, Uhura and the iconic fleet: Star Trek Insignia Necklace.

Elevate your nerd style status and get the best pendants in your closet. Let the Star Trek Insignia Necklace give your personal style the ultimate dimension of luxury and sophistication with the right amount of nonchalance.

Some might brood over the choice of star trek necklace saying it’s for nerds and children fixated on the series. But if you are really all about the style and trying things that challenge the existing norms of men’s fashion then this is exactly what you need adorning your metropolitan, gleaming and chiseled chest.

Wear it anywhere

Brandzilla’s specialty collection of star trek jewelry comes with the ultimate advantage: Wear it anywhere. It goes with every occasion and every dress code.

Wear it with a linen suit or a casual henley t-shirt and be the center of attention at any tailgate with our classy yet casual Star Trek Insignia Necklace. Add the perfect casual-glam factor to your formal attire with this insignia necklace and earn the spotlight with this elegant nonchalance.